We are NHN, a Global IT Company Pioneering into The Global Playing Field


Brand Story

The growth of NHN thrives on the power of weaving. These are not mere connection but intricate weavings in multiple directions, akin to the interlacing warp and weft that form a complete fabric as we strive to produce a novel outcome. Rooted in our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology, our diverse range of services delivers new values to the society by connecting the realms of imagination and reality, technology with everyday life, weaving meaningful connections among people. With the brand slogan "Weaving New Play," which means a new tomorrow created by our connections, we are creating sustainable growth in the global market.


The hyphen (—) in the middle of H (Human) connecting N (Next) with another N (Network) symbolizes our company's essence – seamlessly bridging the realms of imagination and reality, technology and life, and person to person. The vibrant red color applied to hyphen embodies our unwavering spirit, vigor, fervor, and delight of a forward-thinking IT company.

The CI is a representative design symbol and an important asset that plays a pivotal role in brand communication. It is prohibited from being arbitrarily altered or distorted, and must be carefully managed to be optimized for the environment in which it is implemented.


The brand name should be in capitalized English, and the company name is placed after the brand name. It can also be written in lowercase English and Korean depending on the context, however mixing lower and upper case letters is strictly prohibited when writing in English. Please familiarize yourself with the branding rules to ensure consistency in the brand identity.

NHN NHN Corp NHN Corporation
엔에이치엔 엔에이치엔(주) 엔에이치엔 주식회사