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NHN aspires to be an organization trusted by its all stakeholders by practicing ethical management.

NHN Business Conduct

Code of Business Ethics

NHN sets forth responsibilities for ethical management and standards for value judgment in the business conduct.All NHN members are required to pledge to practice the business conduct every year, we make extra endeavors to raise awareness of corporate ethics and the will to practice it.

NHN Business Conduct

Business Conduct of NHN Employees


Business Conduct of Employees

We strive to pursue the core values of the company such as humbleness and sense of ownership basedon our firm commitment for corporate ethics - honesty and integrity – when performing continuous self- development and fair work. Through the practice of basic ethics, we make our best endeavors to pursue a reputation as a company trusted by employees and various stakeholders including customers, shareholders, business partners, and society.


Responsibilities to the Customer

NHN (hereinafter referred to as the ‘company’) considers the value that our customers desire as the top criterion for business activities and strives to constantly creates values that can satisfy and helpcustomers. We strive to remain honest and trustworthy in all of our interactions with our customers andare committed to remaining attuned to the feedback of our users.


Responsibilities to Shareholders

We adhere to effective and reliable business practices that lead to fair and stable gains thereby promoting the values among our shareholders. We value our shareholders’ trust, and thus we privilege transparency and prompt communication of important updates in a timely manner.


Relation with Partners

The company ensures fair and reasonable terms for our partners and vendors, aiming to contribute to the ecosystem of mutually beneficial relationships in a long-term perspective. Through fair conduct in trade, and friendly competition with our rivals, we support inclusive growth.


Responsibilities to the Community

We endeavor to do our part as a socially responsible corporation, respecting the regulations and values of our society and engaging in diverse social contribution initiatives. When our corporate values conflict with social values, we privilege the social values.


Responsibilities to Employees

We fully respect the personal lives of each employee and strive to provide liberal corporate culture andtop-notch work environment so that each employee can demonstrate their creative thinking to the maximum level. We provide a reasonable compensation based on the executive’s abilities and outcomes and offer fair opportunities.

Anti-Corruption Policy

NHN has established and hereby declares the following Anti-Corruption Policy to act with a moral and ethical duty to pursue the highest standards of integrity and reliability and to fulfill our social responsibilities by practicing ethical and transparent management.
01All executives and employees of NHN must comply with domestic and international laws and internal regulations related to anti-corruption.
02All executives and employees of NHN are strictly prohibited from accepting or demanding bribes including money, valuables, entertainment, convenience, etc. from stakeholders and engage in any corruption such as improper solicitation.
03NHN establishes and operates an effective management system to achieve anti-corruption and compliance management and we are committed to endeavor to continuously improve the system.
04All executives and employees of NHN must immediately report to the Company if any corruptive activities or violation of domestic and foreign laws and regulations related to anti-corruptions are witnessed. NHN does not disclose the informant’s identity without consent and protects the informant from retaliation or other disadvantages.
05NHN ensures that the authority and independence regarding anti-corruption to the Chief Anti-corruption Officer in our fight against corruption.
06NHN may take disciplinary action following the Company's internal regulations if any executive or employee violates the relevant laws or internal regulations, including this Policy, or fails to take reasonable measures despite knowing the violation.